As a professional and experienced excavating company, our services are not limited to one particular excavation sector. We can provide knowledgeable and professional input to your project, whether it be a Farm, Residential, or Commercial.

Basement Excavation

Lako Excavating works in close collaboration with local home builders and cement contractors for your basement or footing excavation needs. We provide a timely and professional excavation service to keep the project on schedule right from the start.

Farm Demolition - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

Site Work

  • Building pad sites – Lako Excavating collaborates with area pole and steel building contractors for all your site work needs.
  • Grain bin site work – Prep site for new bin pads.
  • Farm demolition – Tree removal, house demolition, farm and yard clean up.
  • City projects
  • Township services- Road building, approaches and installation of new culverts.
  • Drain Tile – drain tile around house and foundations.
  • Ditching Services.


  • Directional boring and digging options.
  • Rural water hookups-Lako Excavating is an approved contractor for Cass Rural Water Users. We are also approved by other water districts for the installation and repair of new and existing service lines in ND.
  • Repairing broken waterlines to installing new waterlines.
  • Curb stops – We add new and can also replace old.
  • Water Hydrants
Ritchie - Livestock Waterers - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

Livestock Waterers & Hydrants

  • Ritchie Brand livestock fountains- Installation of new or replacing old livestock fountains.
  • Lako Excavating is your area Ritchie Livestock Dealer, contact us for prices on your new livestock fountain.

Professional Septic Tank Installation

As experienced installers of septic systems, we’re confident in our abilities to repair and install septic tanks of all types!

It’s important that your septic tank is installed properly and maintained, so it remains in working order. When you need a new septic tank installed, or if you require your existing one repaired, you can count on us to provide you with professional services for your needs.

Septic Tank Install - Square - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

Gravity Drain Systems

Gravel less systems

Gravel Less System - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

Chamber systems

Chamber System - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

At Grade Systems

An At Grade septic system consists of a septic tank and soil absorption bed. A soil test reveals if an At- Grade is suitable for your soil conditions.

Mound Systems - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

Mound Systems

A mound system is an alternative to a traditional septic system drain field. Mound systems are drain fields used in areas where septic systems are more prone to failure due to extremely permeable or impermeable soils in the ground.

The mound system has a dosing chamber, a septic tank, and a pile. Waste from your home travels to the septic tank where the solid effluent settles to the bottom of the reservoir. After waste separates in the system, the wastewater is treated as it seeps through the mounded sand.

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