Equipment - Lako Excavating - Arthur ND

Paul Lako had a fondness of dirt at a very early age. Watching equipment and men leave the yard, he longed for the day that his turn would come.

At a very early age, Paul was determined and confident that he was ready to go to work. His older brother drove him and the equipment to his first dirt job.

The love of dirt has never left him since that day.

Working for the family business had given him experience, but he longed for more knowledge and bigger machines.

After high school graduation and two years of college, Paul took a chance heading to St Cloud, MN. Paul succeeded in landing a job as a Dozer and Blade operator for a major excavating company.

The experience and knowledge gained from the company far surpassed anything Paul could have ever dreamed of at his early age of playing in the dirt.

After four years in St. Cloud, and dreams of his own, Paul found his way back to Arthur, ND. Today, with over 39 years of dirt experience since that first outing, Paul Lako established Lako Excavating as a professional excavation service company.

Paul also deeply appreciates what his father taught him at a very early age, instilling in him a Hard Work Ethic, Honesty and Respect, values Paul has taught his own children and has shared with his great team of employees at Lako Excavating.